iPhone 2.1 Software Upgrade Fried my SIM Card

Being the geek I am, as soon as I learned about the new iPhone 2.1 software upgrade, I installed it on my almost brand new iPhone 3G (not jailbroken) purchased from Telcel in Mexico a couple of weeks ago.

After upgrading, I got a "No SIM" message. I reset the iPhone. Still the same message. I took out the SIM and cleaned it. Same message.

When I later got to the office, I "traded" SIMs with a friend who got his iPhone 3G at the same time. He hasn't "upgraded" yet. His SIM works on my phone. My SIM does not work on his phone.

So, upgrading to 2.1 somehow "fried" my SIM card. I am not alone:


I run iTunes on Mac OS X 10.5.4 on a Mac Pro (early 2008).

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